Use your arrow keys for moving left and right, for jumping use either the up arrow key or space bar.

There is something special about running games, they always help me to relax and chill. You don't even have to think about anything while playing, you just press buttons to move forward and get stress, bad thoughts, and other negative things out of your mind. This is exactly why I love to play Temple Run 2, a free online game where you can run across various maps without having to think about anything. Sounds awesome right?

How to play:
 Just avoid obstacles, jump when it is necessary, and make sure that you reach the finish line. There are various obstacles in the game along the way, avoiding them is not hard as far as you pay attention to the map, just don't get nervous, relax and press the right buttons and you are good to go.

During jumping make sure that you have calculated space correctly, otherwise, if the hole is too long you will end up falling into the abyss. Small mistakes like this very often, just calculate distance, it's not like you have to jump all the time, sometimes you can just move right or left and avoid the obstacle.

Game settings:
 This new version of the game, the original name is Temple Run 2 and it is built on a unity engine, pretty convenient new technology, no need to install anything, just play games directly from a browser, cool isn't it? Anyway, I got a little bit carried away, I wanted to talk about the settings of the game. So, there are various settings available in the game, you can change these settings to make the game as comfortable as it can get for you.

There are the following options available in the game: the mute sound of the game and music, swipe sideways checkbox, and press buttons checkbox. Change these settings, you can leave everything as it is if you are good with default settings.

 You know it is good to keep track of your progress and check the top scores of other gamers, this game allows you to do it, just check the tab Leaderboard in the main menu of the game and you can find all the details.

Daily gifts:
 There are daily rewards available in the game, on each login, you can different power points and you can use them in various things later on. in order to get daily reward all you have to do is to play the game every day, pretty simple, just load the game and enjoy your bonus points. This option is available in the main menu of the game window, check the top left part of the window.

 There are various different levels in the game, they automatically change when you reach the finish line of the current map. Pretty simple right? Reaching the finish line automatically causes your character to teleport to the next level and continue running there. What is important to note is that each next level is more difficult than previously, how can you tell that? because game speed accelerates and it is visible when you reach high levels, also obstacles are more difficult to overcome, there are a lot of different holes across the map and you have to maneuver really well in order to avoid falling in the abyss.

One more important thing, in order to make the game more exciting developers, decided to change the visual appearance of some levels, it is a pretty good idea if you ask me, instead of the same picture all the time game visuals will change from time to time.

YouTube on the rescue:
 What is the best way to learn how to play the game? that's right, good old video guide on YouTube, just watch it and you have some clear ideas on how to play correctly.

This game on Your device:
 Modern gaming is all about mobile gaming, isn't it? now you can download this game on your device and play it from there. Various platforms are supported including iOS and Android.

 This is an amazing online game for those who just want to relax and destress, you can play it after a long day at work and it will quickly improve your mood. Temple Run 2 is a very popular online game, you can also enjoy a friendly community and share your thoughts with millions of gamers worldwide.